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What others say about Tri-Cities Fitness and Shiatsu

Brenda Novoa has had a private Shiatsu Therapy practice for 18 years and has been a private Personal Training and Yoga Instructor for 10 years. Read below client testimonials about Tri-Cities Fitness and Shiatsu studio in the Vancouver suburb of Coquitlam, BC.


“I have seen Brenda several times for Shiatsu Massage Therapy since moving to Coquitlam. She has a beautiful ability to hold space, and make one feel safe. I would highly recommend her to others looking for a safe, relaxing and therapeutic experience.”
– Deb C.

“I have been lucky enough to have regular Shiatsu treatments through an employess benefit plan at work. I very much look forward not only to the relaxation aspect of Shiatsu, but also the healing benefits for specific injuries. Brenda is professional, dedicated, and possesses a real healing touch!”
– Shelley P.

I have known Brenda for over 10 years, and she has made me a true believer in the power of Shiatsu . I travel to Coquitlam from N.Van to see her, and with every treatment I feel adjusted and aligned, and able to do all of the outdoor activities that I love. On a more personal note, almost 3 years ago, I was involved in a serious mountain climbing accident, and Brenda was truly an important part of my recovery. Weekly treatments helped me to help myself through 2 badly broken body parts, and now I am fully recovered and back in the mountains. In my eyes, Shiatsu is not just a physical practice, but also allows you to connect with your own body on many levels. Thank you Brenda, for your caring and sharing!”
– Bridget M., North Vancouver

“As a medical professional, Shiatsu provides me with a unique opportunity to effectively manage the daily stress that my body and mind endure. I recommend Shiatsu as an essential part of any personal wellness plan.”
– Allan H., M.D.

“I have been receiving Shiatsu massage treatments from Brenda Novoa for many years. A true professional, Brenda begins each session inquiring to my health status, any injuries, muscle soreness or areas of concern, thus insuring I will receive the utmost benefit from my treatment. I leave each session feeling relaxed, free of tension, and enjoying the effects of her “magic hands” for days to come! The warm atmosphere of the Shiatsu studio, with it’s soft lighting, and soothing music, enhances the experience. Without hesitation, I will recommend Brenda to anyone seeking Shiatsu massage!”
– Nadia G.

“I have tried many forms of bodywork. Each form of bodywork imparted different gifts. I would try all of them again. Shiatsu, I would try hourly.”
– From “A Touch of Heaven” by Judith Stone


“I have been doing weekly, and now 2x weekly personal training sessions with Brenda for almost a year. I was out of shape following surgery, and wanted to strengthen my body to feel it again. Brenda takes my physical limitations into consideration, and adapts exercises so that I feel safe and comfortable with them. She is encouraging, understanding, and gentle when needed, but also helps to challenge me to reach higher levels of fitness. I never liked going to a big fitness facility, but I am very happy to come to Brenda’s private health and fitness studio!”
– Vicki R.

“I have been seeing Brenda for private Yoga sessions for several months now. Before our weekly sessions, I was attending group Yoga classes, and even though I found them to be enjoyable, I was starting to feel alot of back pain. I decided that I needed some one on one Yoga sessions in order to continue my practice, as I was not getting enough feedback in group classes, due to their sizes. Brenda guides me through each posture slowly and carefully, using visual cues so that I can get the most out of the posture, and makes corrections along the way. This has helped to keep me injury free, both when I am practicing with her, and now that I am back attending group sessions as well.. Her sessions have helped to make me feel more safe and confident any time I practice!”
– Maria S.

“I have participated in both group fitness classes and personal training with Brenda since 2012. She is very knowledgeable about fitness and wellness. Her workouts are well balanced and effective, with alot of variety. She coaches me to train at my highest level and is attentive to my needs, adjusting my workouts when necessary. She has helped me to motivate myself to change my lifestyle to include fitness as a daily habit and enjoy it! I always look forward to Brenda’s workouts, and the time I spend with her.”
– Joy S.

“Brenda has been my personal trainer for 8 years. She makes each workout varied and challenging. She is fun to work with and very knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition.
Having worked with a number of PTs in the past, I can truly say that Brenda is one of the best!”
– Nancy A.

“I have been working with Brenda for about 6 years. My twice weekly workouts that include personal training or beginner yoga, have helped me to not only lose the stubborn body fat in my mid section that I have been trying to get rid of for years, but also gain great upper body and core strength! Her knowledge of lifestyle wellness provides me with the motivation and continued incentive to stay fit, eat well, and enjoy life!”
– Judy A.

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