Personal Training

personal training

Brenda Novoa, BCRPA registered Personal Trainer

Personal Training is the science of instructing an individual or small group to use their body correctly and efficiently in every action they execute.

Personal Training and fitness instructorWorking with a Personal Trainer helps an individual to maximize their potential, and minimize their risk of injury. Whether your motive is weight loss, improved health or sports performance, or just wanting to feel more alive and confident, Personal Training can help you reach your goals!

Who needs a personal trainer?

  • New Exercisers – Let us help you design a lifestyle training program, including basic nutrition knowledge and a basic exercise plan to get you started!
  • Experienced Exercisers and Athletes – Have you hit a plateau? An experienced trainer can help you to reach your peak performance levels in sport and exercise through advanced training and winning sports nutrition!

Training methods include, but are not limited to:

  • TRX full body strength, core and cardio training- Uses your own body weight to create resistance. A fun and challenging workout that burns lots of calories, builds lean muscle tissue, and can significantly increase your fitness level!
  • Interval training – The best way to burn calories and get fit or fitter! Increases your body’s metabolic rate, therefore your ability to burn more fat at rest or play! Sessions can burn as much as 500-800 calories an hour!
  • Bosu balance strength and cardio training – Increase your balance, strength, agility and co-ordination for any sport or activity. Multi-joint movements require the muscles to work together, therefore creating better muscle balance and the added benefit of a great cardio workout!
  • Learn to Run – Have you ever wanted to learn to run, but feel intimidated by those large “learn to run classes”? Learn how to run at your own pace in a safe, comfortable environment.

* Outdoor training, and in-home training may be arranged once a professional relationship has been established. Travel cost may apply.

How to get started?

Contact Brenda Novoa (RPT, RYT, RST) Registered Personal Trainer to assess your basic fitness level and see how Personal Training can help you reach your fitness goals!

Book a free 15 min Consultation >>

“I have participated in both group fitness classes and personal training with Brenda since 2012. She is very knowledgeable about fitness and wellness. Her workouts are well balanced and effective, with alot of variety. She coaches me to train at my highest level and is attentive to my needs, adjusting my workouts when necessary. She has helped me to motivate myself to change my lifestyle to include fitness as a daily habit and enjoy it! I always look forward to Brenda’s workouts, and the time I spend with her.”
– Joy S.


    •  individual session
    • 60 min

    • 3 session package
    • each session 60 min

    • 5 session package
    • each session 60 min

    • 10 session package
    • each session 60 min

– all rates include GST –

Our 60 min individual personal training session includes instruction on proper technique and form, orientation to new exercises, motivation and support in achieving your fitness goals. PARTNER PERSONAL TRAINING SESSIONS: Bring a friend or family member for a partner personal training session for only $20 more per session!


This analysis will help determine how much fat, muscle mass, water and mineral content you are made of. Weight and body measurements will also be taken, as well as resting heart rate. A comprehensive report will follow.

Cost is $25 (free with the purchase of any 10 session Personal Training package)

Private fitness studio, Vancouver BC

The Tri-Cities Fitness and Shiatsu private studio is located at the southern edge of the Coquitlam Town area, just minutes from Coquitlam Centre and only 30 minutes from downtown Vancouver, BC.

The relaxing, non-intimidating environment is perfect for those who may be unnerved by the local gyms and fitness clubs, with the added advantage of no wait time for equipment!

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Tri-Cities Fitness and Shiatsu Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are available in any denomination.  Please contact us for purchase details.

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